Ad for Bic razors

Yes. Most all of the OMG look at that billboards you see on here, on buzzfeed, on all the design sites. Concepts. I worked for the world’s largest Billboard company as an Art Director. We were pushed to do concepts like this all the

Coca-Cola “Revives and Sustains” ad from 1906

Caffeine also has similar properties – when chocolate was first found it was said to have miracle properties not that dissimilar. The issue is we are giving kids caffeine from such a young age that they don’t remember what life was like without it.

Anti-anorexia ad from Brazilian agency Star Models

I don’t think these ads are effective. People will see these models and feel uncomfortable, disgusted, and what not. Then they’ll quickly turn page to probably another model who looks much better than this lot. Sure the approach is clever, but the execution doesn’t

McDonalds billboard on the border between Sweden and Norway

[Big Mac Index of the most expensive places in the world to get a Big Mac]( (Just a Big Mac with nothing else) Data from January 2014 |#|Country|Price|Times more expensive than USA| |:-:|:——-|:—-|:— |1|Norway|$7.80|68.6% |2|Venzuela|$7.15|54.7% |3|Switzerland|$7.14|54.5% |4|Sweden|$6.29|36% |5|Brazil|$5.25|13.5% |-|USA|$4.62|0% Going to McDonalds in Sweden

Copenhagen Zoo

It’s actually a vinyl covering that is custom made to a template that matches the vehicle it’s going on. It’s applied with a heat gun and shrinks down to the vehicle. Really cool process. Source: I’m a print prepress specialist

We know billboards here in Kansas City

when you’re the royals all you have are gimmicks. if you ever go to a baseball game for a team that isn’t very good and has a hard time filling seats, you’ll see that they have more “distractions” like having silly contests and other

Some clever insight.

There’s something pleasing about the perspective on the Continental tyre (even as a racing fan I’d sort of always liked the simple logo but never noticed the tire). But the crooked curve on the inside of the C is a little off when compared

Penguin Audio-books

Every time I see a post on Adporn I wonder what the hell happened to the publicists behind those ads with just an standard shot of a model wearing some things and prices on some big circles next to the items.

Vivianne’s Studio

I do agree that the edges on the centre ones look quite strange. There are artefacts and aliasing not consistent with the other ones.
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