Top 1000 Ad Pictures

Guerrilla job search site ad. Made by redditor vrakodar

Am I the only one who understands how this psychologically reframes homelessness itself as an easily escapable situation? The internet requirement is not even the main issue here. Many already have a firmly cemented ideology that leads them to believe that homelessness is easily

Have a break..

This billboard was posted last month and everyone in the U.S. was confused, but just so everyone knows…. In the US kitkat is owned/distributed by Hershey. Everywhere else in the world it is done by Nestle. They have different campaigns because of that. Check

“Domestic Violence.” A Sega 32X ad from the 90s

It’s almost sad how certain words/phrases can be “off limits” for something as simple as a pun just because of their negative association. It’s honestly a pretty funny ad, but everyone would take it to mean SEGA supported domestic violence if they ran it

Fujifilm Smile Capture

> First of all, what is the point of smile capture? You need your camera to put a little box around everyone’s mouth to verify that each person is smiling? You can’t tell by their mouths? Good point. This will only increase the number

Our beer is as cold as your ex’s heart

I never understood why bars would advertise having the “coldest beer in town.” There was a beer ad, I think maybe for Newcastle, that said something along the lines of “Because “cold” is not a flavor.” I love that.

Postmodern ad for advertising

The first two had incredibly effective advertising campaigns too though. Granted, their advertising mostly worked domestically, but that applies to most ads (see: search results for “weird Japanese commercials”). I guess Coca Cola just hit the jackpot like crazy.

The tiger face on this bag of nuts actually spells out ‘tiger nuts’

Tiger nut is actually a type of real nut. It’s what they make Horchata out of in Spain (in mexico, and the US, it’s made from rice)

Hot Shingles In Your Area

Is this a school project? It’s not bad for student work. If this is in your portfolio, this is why you aren’t getting callbacks. Billboards are designed to convey a quick message, and the company who is usually the client would never green light

Turkish vodka ad

Doesn’t exist. Edit: Also, the molotov cocktail is highly associated with the terrorist groups in the mind of the general public here in Turkey. In the latest events (Gezi riots), people did everything they could to *not* destruct anything to keep their cause as

WWF: Blue Fin Tuna Conservation

> Humans are capable of wiping any given species off the planet and you’re saying they do this due to natural selection or something? No, I’m not saying we should, I’m saying there is no objective reason not to. >Tigers didn’t adapt well enough

Stewardess on Human Toilet: Grey

The twist is toilet seats are probably more sanitary than your hands. Your hands go everywhere, and the toilet seat only touches ass which is usually covered with at least one layer. Sure there are times when people miss the target, but that is

Drive safely in Iceland

I went to iceland on my honeymoon and the first night there was a huge wind storm. I was given a ton of warnings like don’t let go of the door because the wind may rip it off and worse. On the drive from

Mad Men Season 5 Guerrilla Marketing Ad

>Feels more like an ad fitted for a circle jerk to hype up the existing crowd. Interesting presentation, bad concept. Well that’s the point. Get your current crowd excited about the show and they will talk about it and convince their friends to watch
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