Top 1000 Ad Pictures

In and out

Wasn’t there a similar one for a gym? Where one door was regular sized but the exit was significantly smaller? Don’t have the link to back this up though.

Spam ‘n’ pancakes on the fire, 1940s

No need to downvote, you’re allowed to have your own opinion. I think you’re looking through the eyes of a modern consumer/ad enthusiast. The era needs to be taken into account when weighing the value/quality of this ad. It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s catchy

Clever Ad for watches

IWC had some pretty clever marketing. When they gave up on the women’s market, they rebranded their advertising to be very [masculine oriented]( “Since 1868. And for as long as there are men.” kind of thing. The *really* clever part about this is that

Day of the Dead illustration for WWF

Just makes me feel kinda old when I see WWF and think what does a panda have to do with wrestling these days? WWF will always be Hulk Hogan and Macho Man to me. Not bitter about it, I don’t watch wrestling now so

Spam ‘n’ pancakes on the fire, 1940s

I think that’s just a slightly sweet version of SPAM and johnny cakes or hoecakes, which I am familiar with from the American South and the American West. That could be served for any meal, especially if some sourdough was introduced into the mix.

Nobody’s Perfect

Yep! They’re different, fairly common mistake. Tracking refers to the overall letter spacing of an entire word/sentence/what-have-you. In the above example, the letters are negatively tracked—meaning they’re all clumped up and difficult to read. Kerning is the spacing individual letters have relative to each

Superette: Short shorts

credits: Advertising Agency: DDB, Auckland, New Zealand Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot Creative Director: Regan Grafton Creatives: Damian Galvin, Rory Mckechnie Account Director: Jenny Travers Project Manager: Andy Robilliard [via](

Crisis Relief Singapore – Publicis, Singapore

I disagree. I think it’s calling attention to slacktivism. There are those that click the like button, or share a picture, and feel that they’ve done enough. And if that’s all they do, they likely don’t stop to consider the fact that they could

Bose noise-cancelling headphones

This seems to make the most sense out of all of them, but i think it’s too gradual and certainly too subtle. I own a pair and when you put them on, the moment you flick the power on, the background sound disappears.

Advertising on the back of a truck

Nah I think it’s pretty clear that’s an email address. Plus who uses email but doesn’t know what a website URL looks like? Twitter I can understand not getting, but if you know how email works, you know, basically, how the internet works, and

Texa allergy “Sneezing sucks” by Saatchi & Saatchi

You’re being chased by mobsters, obviously for not paying Tony the protection money you involuntarily owe him. You’re relaxing at home, preparing to start a Golden Girls marathon. As your butt touches the soft and oh-so-attractive couch cushions, there’s a knock on the door.

BMW Responds to Audi – Street Hoarding –

> [This]( Real, appeared before the Santa Monica billboards >[war]( Fake. Appeared in response to the first ad. Made by someone who doesn’t know how to count and do research. 2000-2006 makes for 7 years, not 6. Also, 2003 LeMans was won in a

Vintage Chubbettes ad –

Not sure why this was down voted. It’s pretty obvious as an example of an ad which (should be) too blatantly sexist to be acceptable now. It’s not even masked in irony or humor, it’s just straight up enforcing that societies belief about the

Jack Daniels Stay Different

> I dare you to try and sell any idea without talking about it. That is a brand without marketing. No, that’s a brand without advertising. A brand without marketing wouldn’t just not be talked about, it wouldn’t have a name, it wouldn’t have

Please don’t text and drive

Oh wow, I didn’t even realize the “while” was all spelled out there in the upper line until I read your comment. I thought the “while” was implied and the “wheelchair” autocorrect appeared above. I like it better that way. I guess my brain