Top 1000 Ad Pictures

Clever Mr. Clean Advertisement

It’s been done before – but this is a cool execution. Funny that all you need to see is that bald dude on a whiter crosswalk strip and the cognitive association is instantly clear.

Sears optical ad

Terrible typography. The target audience is people with bad eyesight, correct? Why is the text that lets you know who the ad is for the smallest, *hardest to read* part of the ad? I showed my girlfriend (who wears glasses) the ad as large

I found her!

I really like this submission, because it’s cashing in on a detail that most people of the coffee or nautical history worlds may overlook. When Starbucks started out as an independent coffeehouse, it took its logo from a 16th century woodcut of a mermaid.

Awesome Ray-Ban ad

It’s more that they’re repurposing their slogan. “Never Hide” has been used as a Ray Ban slogan for a while in a kind of ironic way because people tend to hide behind their glasses/sunglasses. Now they’re just repurposing their slogan to show support for

United Nations – Leo Burnett, Colombia

The smaller text says: “each gram of cocaine consumed around the world causes the extinction of 4 square meters of Colombian jungles.” *sorry, realized that wasn’t what you were asking, but I’ll leave my comment in case people don’t want to zoom to see

Jaguar – Devour the road

Hey! I have something to add to that. Does a layman (let’s say anyone who is not a car enthusiast) see the difference between the two premium cars – Jaguar and Audi? A brand such as Jaguar doesn’t need to sell its features now.

Sensodyne toothpaste – hardhat teeth –

Very nice! Additionally, I am just glad to see a Sensodyne advertisement that does not involve interviewing a monotone dentist at diagonal camera angles while occasionally showing various objects around their office. [Like we have in Canada](

Samsung did it again.

I’ll try to post this without dragging my HTC One into this; Build quality says a lot. Phones that are built the right way can handle extreme force. A unibody phone made out of a decent material can easily handle the force of a

Euroawk advertisement

Maybe it’s also for efficiency measurement. In The Hague they had a lot of billboards a couple of years ago with 2 goldfish. The message was ‘Gusty, everyone talks about it!’. Random and funny/silly, I thought. And then I was called by an advertisement

Stacked for convenience.

I would imagine that producing and delivering your own milk is far more convenient than breeding and raising milk-producing animals; pasteurizing, bottling, and delivering the milk; and warming and dispensing the milk via external bottles. But perhaps that wasn’t what they were getting at…

Canadian Club, Shut up and take my money!

[This is one in a series of ads – very successful ads. They came out in 2008 and went on to win multiple international awards for effective advertising.](

Snickers Peanut Butter

Yeah, that was my thought too — the message that they think [square] is better than [circle] is clear — but they never actually say *why* that is. To a consumer who says “give me one good reason to switch”, the ad gives no

Flybe open new superfast Exeter-London route

Ugh. Why is the airplane pixelated? Why is the messaging in all-caps, but the tagline is sentence case? Why is the tagline on two lines? Why aren’t those two lines properly justified? Why is the tagline set in italics? Why isn’t there punctuation in