Top 1000 Ad Pictures

Mercedes-Benz Christmas advertisement

I’m going to take an alternative view to everyone else. I don’t like it. I look for stories and drama in advertising, because that’s what I look for in all other forms of art and entertainment. I don’t see the drama. I don’t see

DHL: Hands

Campaign was created by Grey Worldwide India Mumbai. If any choice was made on the hand colour, besides a reflection of diversity, it could be representative of the most common ethnicities in India and Germany – seeing DHL are German.

Lego: Periscope

Submarines are generally painted black. Makes them harder to spot while out at sea. A white periscope would stand out against the waves. But, judging by the downvotes, I’m probably wrong.

Playstation 2, bubble wrap bus stop.

oh like the branded shapes from the PS controller are just as fun to press like bubble wrap. ok that’s cool. i was stuck on how bubble wrap is like their controller, but i guess that’s what i get for playing xbox

Samsonite- Heaven and Hell of Air Travel

I personally don’t think the ad focuses more on the actual experience of flying itself, as opposed to how airline companies make the experience out to be. Yes, flying is hell too – but the airline companies don’t make it look so – and

The Lung Association

Really nice play around a strong user insight: people are getting desensitized to lung cancer information and respond poorly to it. Cancer is not the thing to be avoided here, it’s having to sit through cancer information. Clever way of instating connivence and a

Jim Beam Whiskey ad

It’s kinda funny and they are all true statements except the horse riding one. I’d wager more folks who ride horses drink merlot when reach the coasts.. Though agreed it is not unique and the layout/execution especially with the word spacing is awful. But

Never Hide by Ray Ban Here for more ads. I especially like the one where two men are holding hands in a 1940s setting.

Land Rover ad

The problem is that I see the words Defender before I see the Land Rover: Go Beyond. Had my eyes been drawn to the tagline of Go Beyond or if it was just larger and in the picture as opposed to off the image,