Top 1000 Ad Pictures

Solves every washing problem – Total

I’m suggesting that the visual cues in the ad (pile of laundry, packaging that features more clothes), do more than enough to inform the consumer that we’re talking about laundry detergent. I actually don’t have much knowledge of the Total brand at all, but

BBC billboard: Unbiased Reporting

I think what it’s going for is one side of the biased reporting would be that the soldiers and police are doing there job and keeping whatever may lie on the other side at bay (something bad is what you assume without seeing it)

Evans Cycles: Girl

My thinking is that this is a road going bike and not a off track bike (i.e. mountain bike). The background seems to be off road? doesn’t jive.

League Against Obesity Ad

Well the cost of playing in the NFL is mental illness due to head injuries, not really heart disease. Though I do agree with you stress like that kind of weight on the body for a prolonged time does shorten lifespan. My point really

LEGO – Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany

From what I’ve noticed we’re only supposed to post negative opinions, but I think I’ll break the rules and say that I really enjoy this ad and it is a n easily recognized picture, targeting the generation that is actually buying the Lego.

Advertisement from a Native American Advocacy Group

Cowboys aren’t an ethnicity; cowboys can be white, black, latino, whatever. Technically, cowboys are a profession — cattlemen — just like the Steelers, Packers, or the old Houston Oilers. Vikings and Trojans, on the other hand, are historical figures; we don’t have Vikings or

BMW used car ad

Gotta disagree there. What if she used to be fat and lost a ton of weight and learned how to dress well and made her go from a 5 to a 9? I would never not date/enjoy a girl just because she had sex

Finishizer photo manipulation – Ogilvy&Mather, Warsaw, Poland

Their [website]( is my best guess. Seems like they’re using this as a clever tool to sell their chops with image manipulation. By being subtle, they make their point. Plus it’s about Hitler, so of course people are going to talk about it on

90’s Nintendo 64 Poster

Sure. The typwriter font (not sure which one it is specifically) and [‘zine style] ( layout was used a lot in the 90’s as a way of conveying authenticity, coolness and credibility. The idea being that the audience is too sophisticated to fall for

Travel destination ads in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the most well known airport of the Netherlands. Nearly all airline companies are represented there. The airport is spaciously designed and offers every facility you can imagine: shops, small bars and Internet connections. On the destinations map you will find