Top 1000 Ad Pictures

AMC ad for Breaking Bad

Since 1948. A Leader In Style. [Here’s another shot of it.](

Nivea Men

I don’t get it. Moisturizer doesn’t help with wrinkles. It helps with dry skin. And the Photoshop work is seriously off putting. Also is that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s forehead?

Every nun needs a Synthi

As far as I can tell its just a joke. Maybe directed at organ players during church or something. I wouldn’t get too hung up on it. What I do know about it though, is that it was the synthesizer used on Dark Side

Forest Protection Ad

Agreed that there is no direct call to action, but they do list a website at least. But what I think they’re going for is evoking an unexpected emotion (like the one that hit me) when I saw it. Urbanites like myself are not

Employ Adam

There’s 3 different articles saying 3 different things on that alone. He responded to the guardian saying it was 50 job offers. On his website it was 60. On another newspaper it was 100! All based from a quote on his blog. Is it

Caged Free Eggs

I grew up in south Mississippi around chicken, hog, cow, any animal you can imagine farms (even had a few llamas and buffalo). These chicken farmers don’t think they’re doing anything wrong: packing tons of chickens into a single crate is simply how it’s

Duracell by Y&R

I think it would’ve made more sense to me if they were the big old style can headphones from the 60s instead of newer headphones. Then it would make a little more sense for batteries in a walkman…since no one listens to music on

Don’t text and drive ad

Yeah, but given the context, that it’s an ad, it would be easy to figure out what it meant. What would be the advertising message in “grandpa had a stroke”? That strokes happen? That would be an odd way to draw attention to that

Sex Is No Accident

San Franciscan here. It does. We also roller skate, wear tiny messenger bags/man purses, and still use radio headphones. The women aren’t nearly that attractive though.

Bed & Breakfast

[3 more versions here!](