Top 1000 Vintage Pictures

1956 Chrysler ad for an in car phonograph

I knew they existed, I think it was an option in a Cadillac my old man had, but I always thought they were only meant for use while parked… Or maybe that’s just what my dad said was the only practical use for them…

1877 – Ad for Weber Pianos

“Say, old man, what’s that – up there on the platform?” “Why it’s a piano, chap!” “Don’t say …” “Rather!” “Let’s all mill about and stare, shall we?” “Capital idea!”

Polaris Nuclear Sub! $6.98

[Here](’s an image of one IRL from [this article](

Citroën 2CV – “Faster than a Ferrari”

The idea of this car was to be affordable, light, and able to go on unpaved paths. It was the opposite of a Rolls Royce. [“At that time, France had a very large rural population which could not yet afford automobiles. The results of

Lane Bryant’s style book for Stout Women

These “stout” women look to be perfectly average. Perhaps a touch broad-shouldered. I think the story is not one of vintage body-shaming but rather the contemporary embrace of “vanity sizing.” **Edit:** Looking back, it’s pretty clear this comment makes no sense. However, I would