Top 1000 Vintage Pictures

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, 1961

Interesting. I had no idea ‘Tony the tiger’ was around so long. I usually think of these cereal cartoon figures like Toucan Sam or the Lucky Charms leprechaun as 80s creations.

Zenith Flash-Matic Remote Control TV from 1956.

FYI: $149.99 in 1956 is worth $1,311.52 today. [Here’s a brochure page from the same year]( [Here’s an image of the remote](

The Camel billboard at Times Square, 1943.

I believe that what they mean is that they used more expensive tobacco than their competitors and weren’t actually trying to advertise that Camels were more expensive than other cigarettes (though they might have been, I have no idea). The same thing is still