Top 1000 Vintage Pictures

Disneyland Date Night

This was a standard date for me back in the late ’90s and early 2000’s. I had an annual pass and so did a lot of girls I dated. Annual pass holders were give three free passes every few months, so not having a

1970 Clairol Lemon-go-Lightly Ad

I remember that. The low-budget workaround, for us high school sophomores that summer, was to spritz lemon juice on your hair and then lie out in the sun. It didn’t work. We resolutely failed to look like breezy California blondes, and instead continued to

Own a Bowlful of Happiness for Only $1.25!

[Reminds me of when poor Space Ghost had to kill Banjo his Sea Monkey when it started attacking.]( The best part is the last frame: “In Memory of Banjo. September 23rd, 11:00pm – 11:15pm”. My Sea Monkeys didn’t live much longer than that.

Wrestlemania with Hulk Hogan

If I wasn’t aware that board games with VHS tapes as part of the game were a bit of a fad in the early 90s, I’d have no idea what half this ad was trying to sell me.

Pony Express recruiting poster from 1860

It was a harsher time, that’s for sure. They were probably also trying to appeal to people who’d come from abusive families, and would be willing to essentially cut ties. It also would have served to dissuade “momma’s boys” from signing-up.

Flintstones Vitamins

This is a slippery slope. A gateway drug. It started out innocently enough, a Fred here or a Dino there. By the end of the first year, I was tossing back three Betty’s and a Wilma just to feel alive. Friends don’t let friends

Coca-Cola is a delightful, palatable & healthful beverage

Totally. I’ve always thought that [this commercial]( for Rice Crispies should be re-run. If I were a marketing guy I’d put it out as-is, but add a shot of bowl of cereal at the end, in black and white, that slowly fades into colour.

Ray Charles for Pioneer LaserDisc

My elementary school had Laserdisc systems in the mid-90’s. They were an analog storage medium, just like records. They had the same interactive features DVDs allowed, but image quality and storage space is poor compared to a DVD.
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