Top 1000 Vintage Pictures

Draw so easy!

“Golly, I could smoke these all day!” “Me too, Honey! Now let’s finish repainting the room.” “I wonder why the white paint turned all yellow?” “Dunno. Want another cigarette?”

Baldwin presents a new home organ with “Panoramic Tone” for only $996.

My guess is OP didn’t scan it, just used the l[argest available image online.]( Now I want to track down this ad in print and do a proper job myself…

An old KLM ad for flights to America

There’s a long display of old KLM ads at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands – that’s where I took this picture. Given that, I don’t really have access to the original, so I don’t think I can provide a scan.

Do You Want To Play A Game? Hint, It Is Not Tic-Tac-Toe

Yes it looks like one, but it is a drinking game! 🙂 Check this site out: **Edit:** Found on another site: *Orgy begins by choosing up sides (delightful custom) and centers around the ‘Porron” (translation: ‘to pour it on’) filled with your favorite

Philips Cassette Car Radio ad, 1968

It’s not a North American or British ad, the currency listed is in GNS, I’m trying to figure what country that is. between “musiccassette,” “long or medium waves,” and “GNS” I’m perplexed.