Top 1000 Vintage Pictures

1967 magazine ad for RCA Color TV

At age 13, I watched Star Trek on Friday nights with my best friend on a 12″ black and white TV, a big bowl of freshly popped popcorn and a tumbler of cheap soda. It was great. No color needed. My point relevant to

1979 Bell System Advertisement

This ad is from the December 1979 issue of Life Magazine. The magazine belonged to a friend so I wasn’t able to cut out any adverts to scan them properly and I hope you don’t find the amateur nature of the shot to be

Pro-vaccination ad, 1950s.

Yeah. I have no idea. Years ago, in the couple years before he died, my step-grandpa got really into this conspiracy that the food companies and the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors were purposely giving people cancer (or purposely withholding the cure for cancer

Cadillac – “The Penalty of Leadership” 1915

A little context: In the 19-teens, Cadillac’s main rival for the luxury automobile market was the Packard Motor Company. In 1913, Packard debuted a 6-cylinder engine in its top-of-the-line car; Cadillac and most of the rest of the market were making 4-cylinder engines. Cadillac

The Mini Automatic.

I just found out about this sub today, but so far I find it horrible/amusing that the subtext to about 80% of old timey ads is basically “lol women.” Unreal.

How to kiss a girl

Are you a woman? Is that REALLY how you want it to go? You must be oh so romantic. I think the language was literal in the sense of stopping to ask the obvious (and ruining the mood). They’re not saying that it’s ok

A Wild Turkey Christmas

This is my third post for the day and I’ve said this in all the comments but in case you missed the others: This is from the December 1979 issue of Life Magazine, and without a scanner this is the best way I could

Unfortunately-named diet candy

My Marketing teacher last year kept citing this as an example of a good product idea that suffered simply because they chose the wrong name at the wrong time. Apparently it came out just before the whole Aids thing started to become a big