Google: We know what you’re searching for, even when you don’t. (One more in the comments.)

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But with Coke or Pepsi the difference is subjective. I prefer regular CocaCola over the flavor of Pepsi, but I prefer Mountain Dew over Mellow Yellow. I prefer Doctor Pepper over both major cola players. So the advertising, for me, is ineffective, because I already know which flavors I like, and largely, don’t really care about other products, and no amount of “ONE OF US, ONE OF US” advertising is going to make me change my mind.

Largely, with search, either the results are relevant, or they aren’t, so I agree with you on that front that they’re advertising to maintain that lead over Bing, but now that Microsoft is actively advertising Bing, Google pretty much **has** to advertise to maintain the branding of Google being synonymous with “Search”.

The really fascinating fact for Google is that their name has become the Kleenex of Search and it happened organically, which, in regards to technology, something that changes incredibly rapidly, over a long period of time. It leads to the question, is their product really just-that-good that they didn’t **need** to advertise until someone else decided to try and gain some marketshare.

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